Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Million Dollar Question! (a question from a contact of mine)

Question:  What is your #1 method of promoting your programs?

I can't really answer that question with a simple "magic" solution. It really depends on how you have positioned yourself in the online world. As far as straight advertising goes i use, safelists, traffic exchanges, ppc, craigslist if applicable, and all forms of social media. (blogs, facebook, twitter, linked in, ibotoolbox, zorpia, womvegas, g+) But, with that, you need to be not only selling your program, you need to sell yourself. People are bombarded with the "bigger, better, deal" where programs are only promoted and they are a dime a dozen. What people really want is someone that can guide them and help them become successful. If beginning entrepenuers could get out of the mode of focusing only on how many signups they get and start focusing on helping others achieve their goals, then everybody involved would be extremely happy.

The big "marketing gurus" that sign up hundreds of people, make a big buck and move to the next program have their place in this industry. But, the people who truly care in helping others are the ones who are going to have long successful residual income.

Hope this helps!

Dallas Pullman
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  1. This is an excellent observation and should be taken well by all that read it. Dallas has really struck a cord here. Many fail because they fail at this.